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Thank you for attending the 2017 Tombstone Territory Rendezvous!

October 25-29, 2017


Please register as soon as possible.  This will help us plan food, seating, name tags, and other event arrangements.

Registration is $40 for each person attending the entire Rendezvous and $25 for those attending Saturday only.  The fees cover the Tailgate party, Schieffelin Hall rental, entry fee for Gunfighter Hall of Fame, Saturday night dinner, plus snacks and drinks at speaking events.


Please send registration information and check or money order (if paying in advance) payable to:  Tom Bryant-TTR or email this information to


Tombstone Territory Rendezvous

% Tom Bryant - 10 W. Georgia Avenue - Unit 31 - Phoenix, AZ 85013

Name:  __________________________________________

Email:  __________________________________________

Names of Attendees:  __________________________________________

Registration Fee --

Full Rendezvous:  __________

Saturday Only:  __________


Suggestions for booking your 2017 stay:

Larian Motel 520-457-2272                       Budget Host Inn 520-457-3478

Tombstone Grand 520-456-9507              Best Western Lookout 520-457-2223


Questions, please email:

You must be registered & have a name tag to participate in the events.



See You in Tombstone!